Thursday, December 19, 2013

Indiegogo Campaign to Empower Women In India

Since early this year, I’ve been working on a project with Sayfty, an organization that offers tools for self-protection to women in India. Apart from providing products like pepper spray (which is legal in India), it organizes self-defense classes and awareness programs primarily for women who use public transportation to travel to and from work or college.

We are on a mission to raise $25,000 by January 31st, 2014. 

The fundraiser is now live on Indiegogo, where you will find a detailed breakdown of how your money will be spent. Here is a link to the campaign:

India amended its sexual assault laws after the national outrage that followed the gang-rape of 23-year-old physiotherapy student Jyoti Singh Pandey in December 2012. While this has led to an increase in the number of women reporting sexual assaults, it hasn’t served as a deterrent to people committing these crimes.

1,330 complaints of rape and 2844 complains of molestation have been recorded from January to October 2013 in New Delhi alone.

Because of rampant selective-sex abortion and female infanticide, it is estimated that India has lost about 12 million baby girls over the last three decades. This widening sex ratio and dearth of adult women has had a domino effect on the social structure of India. At least 50,000 adult males are finding it increasingly difficult to marry. The arising sexual frustration, combined with crippling poverty, no permanent employment and witnessing widespread socio-cultural oppression against women, has created an environment so toxic that women have been advised to stay indoors after dark to minimize the risk of assault.

As the video in our Indiegogo campaign highlights, female victims are often blamed and advised to be in charge of their own safety. Women are taught not to get raped rather than men being taught not to rape.

If this is an issue close to your heart and you feel like our project is a step in the right direction, please contribute whatever amount you can to the campaign by January 31st, 2014. You can also help out by promoting this campaign to your friends and family and via social media networks.

We need your support to make a positive change and I hope you will help us. Feel free to email me if you have any questions.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart. 


  1. I'll help out in any way that I can :) this is great work you are doing here x

  2. so sad i hear it. in other country, not in india only, sexual assaults possibililty increase. like in my country now, in indonesia, other city has been made separate bus for male and female. that is for cut sexual assaults.

  3. Visiting your blog after a long break And so good to see your concern for alleviating the misery of women, Gayatri

  4. You are supporting a very pertinent cause...this is the need of the hour!

  5. Folks, please help by contributing & spreading the word to your friends & family! We have a lofty goal and only 30 more days to go.